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Upgraded Piston Head Til KSC/KWA G-Serie

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Upgraded Piston Head Til KSC/KWA G-Serie

Made from premium anti-oil rubber, the CCT-KWA-001 is designed to provide unrivaled strength and durability. This specific material ensures that your piston head remains efficient and reliable, even in the most demanding conditions.


Improved piston head : Airtightness is essential in the optimal functioning of your GBB gun. With its improved piston head, the CCT-KWA-001 provides an exceptional airtight seal, increasing the overall efficiency of your shot.

Increased resistance : The CCT-KWA-001 has been specifically designed to withstand high impact pressure. Whether you are training or competing, this piston head is built to endure the most critical situations, ensuring flawless reliability.

Stabilized performance : With the CCT-KWA-001, benefit from stabilized and constant performance. This state-of-the-art component allows your GBB pistol to perform at its peak, shot after shot, delivering a consistent and precise shooting experience.

Improved Durability : Compared to the original piston head, the CCT-KWA-001 offers significantly improved durability. This replacement is not only an investment in performance, but also in the longevity of your equipment, ensuring years of reliable service.

Compatibility : Designed exclusively for KSC/KWA G-Series GBB pistols, the CCT-KWA-001 fits seamlessly, ensuring compatibility and effortless installation.