Batteries/charger for Airsoft and Hardball

Batteries and chargers for many types of Airsoft and Hardball weapons

At we always have a large assortment of Airsoft and hardball weapons that suit different needs.

We always have a large selection of batteries and chargers to match the various Airsoft and Hardball weapons we have in stock. This applies specifically to Electric Airsoft and Hardball weapons (AEG) They are powered by a battery that is usually located in the butt or body.

Wide selection of batteries and chargers for electric airsoft guns. We have both NiMH and LiPo batteries.

Batteries come with different voltages and different plug options in the form of dean and Tamiya. It is important to choose the right one for your weapon so that it works from day one.

We recommend that you ALWAYS store your batteries in a so-called LiPo bag, so that you and your surroundings are protected from danger.

Here you will find ALL our batteries and chargers in stock for immediate delivery!

At we offer popular brands such as: