Titan Infinite High Speed ​​Revolution Motor - Map

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Titan Infinite Motor

Parts from Lonex are an excellent choice for any, even the most discerning, airsoft player. Ideal for power and durable for tuning weapons. Highest quality material used for production, good composite materials and long life.

The engine is designed to increase power. The motor is intended for installation in SIG 550, 552 weapons and the like.

The motor is made of an enameled wire, which makes the construction incredibly resistant to high temperatures (even up to 200 ° C) that can occur during the operation of the motor. The motor maintains a constant temperature, even at full power, while maintaining high durability and optimal power consumption.

Ball bearings are located at both ends of the motor. The motor is made of aluminium , the motor wheel is made of steel with increased density and the cover is made of nylon. This results in the construction being able to cope with intensive use, high temperatures and extreme revolutions.

ATTENTION! The motor is only designed for high power and high speed motors. The use with M100 and smaller/inferior springs may cause damage to the mechanisms.