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Do you want to get your hands on this super cool rifle from Novritsch?

So it's time to strike now. There are most likely limited numbers in production.

This is an easy-to-use sniper for both the experienced and the beginner. As we know from the other weapons in the Novritsch series, high quality weapons are "out of the box"

There are a lot of options to build it just the way you want.

We recommend combining the sniper with, for example: Our camo to SSX303, extra magazine, scope from Novritsch or a silencer.

The rifle shoots between 1.7-2.5J, depending on the type of gas and nozzle you shoot with. You therefore have no problems reaching the very long distances.

It has room for 24 rounds in the magazine and weighs around 1.65kg in total.

Whether you are an experienced softgun sniper or a beginner, this is a super fine weapon to play like the best.