SSG10 A1 Sniper - 5 Joules

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Should you have probably the best sniper out of the box. Then the answer is here.

The world-famous YouTuber Novritsch has done it again.

The entire trigger assembly is made 100% of CNC machines, hardened steel and aluminum parts of the highest quality. There are only 2 moving parts, resulting in a simple and therefore very durable system. the system has been developed jointly with Bulltrigger Ltd. who has experience in tuning parts in Europe.

10% more force as the piston drops straight down when the piston is activated unlike other systems.


Developed with individual serial numbers laser engraved into the lightweight aluminum body.

The cylinder is machined from stainless steel. which ensures an even cylinder movement inside the body. the cylinder head is also machined from stainless steel. Developed with an optimal length to maximize volume without compromising on durability.

Built to withstand an M220 spring! That will not let you down. This Sniper is built to be used in the harshest conditions!

See specification list for different hardness options.

Comes in a weapon box.

We recommend the Novritsch scope and his bullets for this fantastic sniper.

Joule Ball weight
>1 Joule 0.28g BBs
2.2 Joules 0.43g BBs
2.8 Joules 0.46g BBs
5.0 Joules 0.49g BBs

There is an adjustable hop-up that easily lifts the heavier balls as well.

Producer Novritsch
Energy M90 spring 1 Joule / 100 M/S
Energy M150 spring 2.2 Joules / 140 M/S
Energy M160 spring 2.8 Joules / 152 M/S
Energy M220 spring (Standard) 5 Joules / 213 M/S
Color Black
Weight 2000g
Length 107 cm
Hop-up rubber Maple Leaf 60 °
Magazine Includes 1 pc
Magazine capacity 28 balls.
Precision racing 6.01mm precision
Hop-up 20 adjustment options

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