Hop-Up Silicone rubber

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Hop-up Guarder silicone rubber

The rubber is made of silicone, thanks to which it retains its properties even at low temperatures, because it does not harden, as is the case with ordinary rubber. It is designed for lower rated powered Airsoft weapons (with M120 spring installed or lower), although it can also be used with stronger springs - however, the material wears out proportionally faster.

What is the hop-up system?

Hop-up is a system that propels the bullets fired by an Airsoft weapon. It uses the Magnus effect to flatten the trajectory of a flying projectile, thus making it resemble the trajectory of a real firearm projectile.

In practice, it is a properly formed gasket made of rubber or silicone which, by touching the accelerated ball, causes it to rotate. The simplest explanation of how the Hop-Up system works is that it affects the ball on one side creating more friction against the air, which can cause it to twist. When the centrifugation takes place on the horizontal axis, the ball will roll upwards, thus counteracting the force of gravity.

The force of pressing the Hop-Up rubber against the ball determines how much it will be affected and thus the strength of the rise. The heavier the balls you use, the stronger the pressure of the rubber band must be (because the heavier ball has more inertia and it falls down faster). It also works the other way around - when a light BB is affected too much, it can fly across the line of fire.