High Speed ​​Gen.2 Motor - Map

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Tornado F2 High Speed ​​​​Gen.2 Engine.

The Gen.2 Tornado engine is an indicator of quality in the airsoft market. Characteristic for its significantly improved efficiency , both in terms of torque and rotation speed. Precise craftsmanship increases its durability to work hard, it will withstand even the most demanding tuning. Generation 2 motors are also energy efficient and less power compared to previous motors.

Increased rotational speed motor dedicated to weapons using a main spring no stronger than the M130. To improve durability, ball bearings were fitted at both ends of the motor shaft. Despite the fact that this engine is intended to increase the rate of fire of an airsoft weapon.

KORT version is compatible with the following types of Airsoft weapons :
- AK47/74,
- G36,
- M249,
- AUG,
- Thompson.