Brighter C Tracer - Lilla

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Brighter C Tracer - Lilla

Brighter C comes with several tricks up its sleeve:

  • Innovative buttonless design – activation is motion-based (shake to turn on)
  • Weather-resistant, IP64 protection – shoot in any weather
  • Compatible with various BB types (standard Tracer, BIO Tracer, and GelBlaster gel balls)
  • Lightweight and compact – no unnecessary bulk
  • Can also be used as an insert in larger suppressors
  • Battery life that surprises – 20,000 shots per charge
  • Impressive tracing speed up to 35 BBs/s – faster than standard models
  • Brighter than regular illuminators.



Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 57 mm length, 28 mm diameter
  • Weight: 32 g
  • Rate of fire: up to 35 rounds per second
  • Made in Taiwan with FCC, CE, and ROHS certification
  • Battery: Li-Ion, charging time 2.5 hours, 20,000 shots per charge
  • Supported BBs: green tracer (note: red tracer not supported)
  • Thread: 14mm CCW left-hand internal + adapter: 11mm CW right-hand external