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Titan V3 Drop-in mosfet sæt forvandler din AEG til en avanceret skyder. Takket være dette vil du opnå en massiv taktisk fordel i forhold til mange andre spillere, takket være den hurtige reaktion på trigggeren. Mulighed for at modificere våbnet og tilpasse den til ethvert spil med 20 tilgængelige funktioner. Dette er den mest avancerede model fra GATE.


TITAN ™ gives you all new possibilities:

 - Trigger sensitivity adjustment

- Pre-cocking boost, i.e. spring tension control (shortens the time from pressing the trigger to the shot)

- Adjusting the firing selector modes

- Burst shot mode - Rate of fire adjustment

- Alerts you when the battery is low

- Protects the battery from damage

- "Sniper Delay" - Full cycle detection

- AUG mode - the ability to set two trigger sensitivity (single and continuous fire)

 A more detailed description of the functions of the TITAN ™ controller:

Five sensors allow you to control the sensitivity of the trigger. There is no need to disassemble the replica, just use the Tactical Programmer Card or the GATE ™ Control Station application. It will allow you to adjust the replica to your personal skills and individual preferences.

Two sensors can be programmed in three ways, a choice of up to 6 functions:





- SAFE-SEMI-BURST * / AUTO (short hold - BURST, long trigger AUTO)  

- SAFE-BURST * -AUTO (SAFE by quickly switching modes, then: SAFE-SEMI-SAFE)  

* BURST means burst shooting mode.

The TITAN ™ control system can accurately detect where the cycle should end. Thanks to this, even the shortest press of the trigger will result in a full firing cycle (replicas without the TITAN ™ system often jam after holding the trigger too short, if it fails to fire. TITAN ™ eliminates this defect). Thanks to this, we can get:

- Automatic BURST (burst) mode, no need to set the burst cycle time, just set how many balls are to be fired  

- Automatic Pre-Cocking, which is available in any mode of the fire selector setting: SEMI BURST and AUTO. Unlike regular MOSFET chips, you don"t need to manually configure this feature.    

Just set the spring pre-pull power  

- A FULL CYCLE ALWAYS DONE - when the pre-cocking is turned off, the TITAN ™ will make sure that the gearbox carries out a full cycle and the spring will be released for sure after the shot is fired. Thanks to this, we obtain greater reliability of the equipment.

PRE-COCKING (gen.2 *)  
Since winning a duel often depends on a fraction of a second, we get a trigger response comparable to a real firearm by pre-pulling the spring. The spring is tensioned earlier, so at the same time we warn you that using this mode on strong springs leads to faster wear of the internal parts of the replica.
There are two modes for using the PRE-COCKING function:
1. AUTO (-matic) mode - the spring is charged after each shot  
2. SMART mode - the spring is stretched to the reserve by slowly pressing the trigger, and the shot is released by pressing it quickly. You can program three options for the PRE-COCKING mode: HIGH / MID / LOW - each one will adjust the spring tension in a different degree

 * The PRE-COCKING mode now works in all selector modes: SEMI, BURST, AUTO and does not require manual calibration

BURST (gen. 2)  
The BURST mode, i.e. programmable burst firing, now requires only the selection of the number of BBs to be fired (up to 10 BBs / pull the trigger). This is very useful on all MILSIMs or when using real / low-cap magazines.

It allows you to reduce the rate of fire of the replica. Thanks to this, you can use more powerful Li-Po batteries and still have a rate of fire compatible with the actual weapon.

It allows you to change the way the ROF CONTROL works:
- ON - ROF Control regulates the speed of the cycle, thanks to which the gearbox works smoothly and the wear of the internal parts of the replica is reduced  
- OFF - RIF Control adds breaks between each shot to reduce the rate of fire. It gives a a more realistic feeling while handling the replica

Allows you to set a delay between each shot in SEMI mode to simulate delay by reloading or recoil compensation. Can be set: 0.5s, 1.0s, 2.0s, 3.0s

 For a comprehensive description of all functions, please visit the manufacturer"s website:

 Full instructions can be found at the following address:

 The set includes:

 - TITAN V3 module in the ADVANCED firmware version

- USB-Link

- Installation kit

- MICRO-USB cable

- USB-C cable

- Quick start guide (in English)

- TITAN patch