Strike Systems Vest PC-01, Grøn

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Strike Systems Vest PC-01, Grøn

The PC01 is a plate carrier which provides its wearer with both a comfortable fit and a tactical edge whilst being fully open to a wide range of accessories and customisation options.

It is crafted from a high-strength Cordura fabric which makes it extremely durable and ideal for long-term use. Its internal lining is a breathable mesh which helps reduce the build-up of heat, therefore allowing the wearer to remain more comfortable for longer. The shoulder and abdomen of this vest feature quick-release buckles which make it easy to put on and take off smoothly. Also, this vest includes a faux plate already installed inside.

Additionally, it comes with a triple magazine panel, designed specifically for M4 type magazines, which can be easily Velcro mounted to the front of the vest. The size of the magazine pockets can be easily adjusted for a more secure fit. Also, there is a separate MOLLE mounted magazine panel available,

It also features multiple elastic straps in the front panel of the vest which can be used to store smaller items of the wearer’s choice such as speed loaders and more. There are multiple straps on the back of the vest as well, these can be used to store more compact items. Along with all this, it also includes a detachable pouch at the bottom of the vest, which significantly improves the user’s storage capacity.

The PC01 is a plate carrier which not only provides the wearer with a reliable piece of body armour, that fits them comfortably but also can be used to store a wide range of tools and accessories with plenty of room left over for additional accessories and customisation.