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MSG - Mancraft Speedsoft Greb - Sort

Mancraft Speedsoft Handgrip with MMR Regulator


Elevate your game with the state of art CNC technology in airsoft – presenting the Mancraft Speedsoft Handgrip enhanced with our newest and fastest MMR regulator.                                                                        

Key Features & Benefits:                         

1. Professional Grade: Specifically engineered for high-intensity use, this handgrip is a trusted choice for the most rigorous tournaments and events. Our winning teams have put it through the paces, ensuring unmatched performance on the field.                                         

2. Ergonomic Design: With a unique 2º angle grip, it offers unparalleled comfort and ergonomics, enabling players to maintain peak performance throughout extended sessions.                      

3. Featherlight Construction: Do not let the weight hold you back! At a mere 235 grams, including the regulator, this handgrip ensures agility and ease of use.                              

4. Robust Material: Manufactured 100% from 7075 T6 aviation-grade aluminum using CNC technology. This promises durability and resilience even in the most intense combat scenarios.                                   

5. Premium Finish: Treated with a Grade 3 hard anode, it not only ensures longevity but also offers a superior finish and touch, making it as pleasing aesthetically as it is functionally.                                  

6. Versatile Utility Space: Ample room within the grip allows for efficient FCU mounting and battery storage, ensuring you're always powered up and ready to go.                         

7. Customizable & Secure: Features replaceable grip sides available in various colors, all boasting a non-slip surface. This not only allows personalization but also ensures a firm hold in all conditions.                          

8. Optimal Grip: Its rounded design coupled with a rough surface ensures that the grip fits perfectly in your hand, reducing fatigue and increasing precision.                                                  

Get a grip on victory with the Mancraft Speedsoft Handgrip. Designed by professionals, for professionals. Order yours today and experience the difference.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Mancraft PSS


 Set includes: Handgrip, set of screws, hpa line hose adaptor, regulator