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Hammer Spring Set Til GBB APP01

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Hammer Spring Set Til GBB APP01

This kit includes two springs, providing a 140% and 200% increase in tension over the standard hammer spring. These springs significantly improve the response of your gas gun, increasing strike speed and ensuring more reliable ignition of the cartridge.

Key Features:

  • Universal Compatibility: Designed specifically for the AAP01 gun.
  • Two Tension Options: Includes 140% and 200% springs, for customization according to shooting preferences and performance requirements.
  • High Quality: Made from premium steel, these springs ensure exceptional reliability and durability.
  • Simple Installation: Can be installed easily without permanent modification to the weapon.



  • Improved Response: Increases the speed and reliability of the hammer strike, for a more efficient shot.
  • Performance Customization: Allows shooters to adjust the power of their gun to their shooting style or playing conditions.
  • Reinforced Durability: Designed to withstand intensive use without losing efficiency.
  • Essential Upgrade: A must-have for any AAP01 owner looking to maximize the performance of their pistol.

Technical specifications:

  • Materials: High strength steel
  • Available voltages: 140% and 200%
  • Compatibility: AAP01

Installation Instructions:

  1. Carefully disassemble your AAP01 to access the hammer mechanism.
  2. Replace the original hammer spring with the desired tension spring (140% or 200%).
  3. Reassemble the weapon and perform safety tests to confirm proper operation.

Usage Tips: Choose the 140% spring for a subtle but effective improvement in performance, ideal for shooting scenarios where precision is paramount. Opt for 200% spring in situations requiring maximum power and instant response