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Crazy Jet 6.04mm P-LØB 84mm

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Crazy Jet 6.04mm P-LØB 84mm

A high-quality internal barrel with a diameter of 6.04 mm and 84 mm long for G19 / G23 / PPQ / M84 pistol replicas. 

Maple Leaf presents its new precision barrel project - Crazy Jet. The interesting solution in the form of an increased diameter at the barrel’s end causes a phenomenon similar to the one occurring at the exhaust of a jet airplane. Prior to the BB leaving the barrel, the compressed air overtakes the BB, which causes it to leave in a stream. The BB provides less resistance and at the same time it does not reduce the muzzle velocity but increases accuracy. 

P-LØB TIL  G19/G23/PPQ/M84 84mm Pistol