PCP Kompressor

Kompressor 230 Bar HPA PCP

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Kompressor 230 Bar HPA PCP 

Always be ready to play or shoot by filling your air bottles at home or at the club.

Compressor delivered ready for operation.

  • Delivered with oil, provide a regular check of levels (compressor oil or 5w40).
  • Replace the oil plug with the ventilation rod.
  • Provide a water tank and place the water pump and the return pipe in the tank.
  • Built-in thermometer, let the water pump run for a few minutes after the end of compression to cool the compressor.

Compact 4500 PSI compressor to recharge your air bottles for shooting, paintball or airsoft.

This mini compressor allows to fill in a few minutes a bottle of air from 0.8 liter to 200 bar (2900 PSI / 200 mPa). The compressor can supply air up to 4500 PSI (310 bar) and has a pressure gauge equipped with a variable adjustment to automatically stop the device when the desired pressure is reached.

  • Air filter with interchangeable cartridges (8 supplied)
  • water cooling (place the pump and return in a container of a few liters not supplied).
  • For bottles of 0.2 to 1 liter. Charge 0.5 l at 210 bar in 4.5 min.
  • Works in 220v, 1.6kW, 82dB.

Sold without the bottle.

Compressor for PCP Gamo pre-compressed air rifle, for 200 joules Evanix rifle and for paintball throwers.