G&G SSG-1 Speedsoft

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G&G SSG-1 Speedsoft


SSG-1 by G&G Armament is a replica that belongs to Combat Machine series. The replica was designed from ground up with speedsoft games in mind, therefore at first glance it might resemble more a paintball marker than a combat AR15 firearm. There is method to this madness, which any speedsoft enthusiast will find out for themselves when they take SSG-1 in their hands and test it out on the arena.

Most importantly, the replica was made as light as possible in order to facilitate highest, possible mobility during a game. The polymer receiver reduces the weight, and the handguard was completely dropped. The buffer tube features horizontal adjustment, which enables comfortable operation and aiming whilst wearing a protective mask. The trigger and trigger guard are enlarged so that they can fit up to 3 fingers and fire in semi-auto mode even faster.

The carbine was made mainly of durable polymer, including elements such as the receiver, magazine and the stock. Small elements such as the external barrel, muzzle device, charging handle and buffer tube were made of aluminum while the shell ejection window flap was made of steel.

The replica features two electronic systems: MOSFET and ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit) - that extend the replica’s lifetime and improve parameters such as the trigger reaction time or rate of fire, inform about low battery charge as well as a possible damage to the gearbox. In addition, ETU enables programming fire modes, including a 3-5 BB burst.

Replica Features:

- lightweight construction made of durable polymer
- no handguard
- enlarged trigger and trigger guard
- operational bolt-catch
- RIS / Picatinny mounting rails on the top of the receiver and the muzzle device
- G&G GOS V4 stock with adjustable length
- buffer tube with angle adjustment
- rotary Hop-Up chamber
- electronic ETU system
- G&G G2 gearbox mounted on 8 mm ball bearings
- quick spring change system
- 25000 RPM motor

The replica comes with a polymer Mid-Cap magazine with a capacity of up to 105 BBs. Its body is transparent, which enables monitoring the amount of BBs in the magazine during a game.