ACETECH RAIDER Tracer Unit Blaster M -Tan

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ACETECH RAIDER Tracer Unit Blaster M -Tan

Acetech's Raider tracer silencer with innovative Blaster M unit and muzzle flash imitation. The tracer lights up green tracer BBs that causes a fantastic effect during the flight at night. It is visible throughout the flight trajectory and imitates the real tracer ammunition. However, the most interesting function of the Raider is to imitate the muzzle flash. At the end of the silencer are located 3 LED diodes, which illuminate the flying BB and gas around the barrel when fired. The blast is best seen when used with gas weapons, when the remnants of gas after the shot are lit. The effect is visible even when used with AEGs, although a weaker. The tracer unit is fixed in an aluminum housing with a matt anodized surface. It is powered by an internal Li-Ion battery that fully charges up to 24 000 BBs or 12,000 BBs in tracer or flame mode only. To charge the battery, unscrew the silencer and tracer unit end and connect the Micro-USB charging cable (included). You will also find a power button under the tracer unit lid.

3 mode change: Tracer and Flame, Tracer only, Flame only :

  • Tracer + flame mode (up to 12 000 BBs per charge)
  • Flame mode only (up to 12 000 BBs per charge)
  • Tracer mode only (up to 24 000 BBs per charge)

Feature :

  • Sturdy-looking makes you more impressing in games.
  • Raider simulates muzzle flash, the effect of flame depends on volume of gas or water fog around the muzzle, with more volume, effect will be better
  • Smart Power Saving System: Shake and Wake for quicker kick-off.
  • BBs Support: Green Tracer BBs and Water Gel BBs. Normal BBs in Flame only mode
  • Raider is with IP65 rating, dust and splash proof, suitable for outdoor use.
  • Large Battery: Fully charged battery would last over 20000 rounds.
  • Sustained ROF up to 35 RPS
  • Auto sleep mode after 5 min of inactivity
  • Low battery indicator (green/orange/red)

Package contains :

  • Raider tracer silencer
  • MicroUSB charging cable (20 cm)
  • manual
  • hard plastic case.