Armored Claw

Armored Claw Glove - Black

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Armored Claw are tactical Airsoft/hardball gloves that protect the hand.

The Armored Claw is an excellent choice and will be ideal for any situation that requires hand protection. Both during combat and during daily use. They are also intended for the player.

Armored Claw gloves are made of the highest quality, tested for many years, which guarantees their reliability and durability. This includes, among other things, original Kevlar and Nomex fibers from DuPont as well as Keprotec protective material developed by Schoeller Switzerland. Comfort, breathability and easy adjustment to the player's hand were achieved thanks to e.g. Spandex, neoprene, natural and artificial leather.

BattleFlex® is a brand new model in the Armored Claw range of gloves. A well-known and well-liked cut was expanded with several interesting solutions that improve the protection and comfort of wearing. Knuckles and the top layer of fingers have rubber protection that absorbs shock and protects against hard blows.

The elastic lower part of the glove makes it easier to adapt to the wrist and on the outside there is a comfortable hook and loop fastener that allows adjustment of the circumference.

Airsoft - Hardball - Softgun

Goal Fingertip to Wrist Thickness on hand
Small 18-19 19-20
Medium 19-20 20-22
Large 20-21 22-23
X-Large 21-22 23-24