Used Pistols

Buy used softgun airsoft hardball gear at AirsoftGeek. We offer full transparency and are your security against being cheated.

When you buy used at AirsoftGeek, we have tested the weapon before it is shipped.

But you have to remember when you buy used, it has been used before and you must therefore assume that it will break more quickly.

We do our best to give you peace of mind throughout the transaction.

*We offer and send films of the weapon

*We offer advice in relation to additional equipment

*We offer advice in relation to upgrades

We do our best to describe the weapons as well as possible, but sometimes we don't know exactly what parts are in the weapon. Our Ms are basically tested, but with some weapons we state what they shoot from new, this may differ as the softgun Hardball airsoft weapon has been used.

We try as best as possible to describe the condition, but since these are used weapons, it must be assumed that there may be scratches/defects that are not disclosed. We self-consciously do our best to describe the weapons as well as possible.

We add extra equipment to show how the weapons may may appear.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Remember we also buy if you want to sell your airsoft softgun hardball.

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